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Image by Kris Mikael Krister
Guiding Principles

Counseling with me is about reimagining and reclaiming. Unearthing. Stretching into new spaces. We’ll explore your experience as it’s unfolding in the present moment, keeping an eye towards your goals.


We’ll take time to understand where you’re coming from and what you’ve been through. I'm here to help you discover more about who you are, so you can become more of who you want to be.

Mindfulness Oriented

Learning to pay attention in new ways, allowing you to approach familiar situations with fresh eyes.

Emotionally Focused

Creating a safe space for you to be with all of the complicated, tender, scary, and magic feelings.

Social Justice Oriented

Acknowledging dynamics of identity, power, privilege, and oppression in all parts of our work together.

Somatically Anchored

Drawing on the intuition of your body, using body awareness, breath, and movement exploration.

Attachment Informed

Understanding how your relationships affect you and how you can build the kinds of relationships you want.

Whole-Person Centered

Staying connected to your innate wholeness, even as we explore your many complex and sometimes contradictory parts.

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