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My counseling practice is centered around working with queer, trans, and nonbinary teens and adults. We'll focus-in on the issues that are affecting you, while also  making space for the beauty and complexity of all your parts.


Knowing who you are is powerful, but it can also be complicated. I’ll help you listen deeply and step into your story, wherever you’re at in the process.

Life Transitions

Our lives are always changing, but some changes can really throw us off balance. I’ll help you adapt and stabilize, while staying connected to what’s most important to you.


We all deserve to be loved and celebrated, especially by ourselves, but sometimes that can be the hardest part. I’ll help you counteract toxic shame and connect with your innate value and brilliance.


When things are too overwhelming, for too long, it can be hard to stay connected to our life force. I'll help you cast a net around the emptiness and reconnect with your inner vitality.


Our internal alarm systems help keep us safe, but they can also get over-activated. I’ll help you orient to safety, allowing your nervous system to calm and return to a more settled baseline.

Chronic Pain

Chronic physical pain is sometimes closely bound up with emotional pain. We’ll work to  open up pathways for relief by listening to your body's needs and drawing on the innate wisdom of your emotions.

Grief and Loss

Loss brings many feelings and grief is a way through them. Wherever you’re at in your process, I’ll meet you there and move forward with you at a gentle pace.

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